XWN740 – Lab2 – Answers

Question #1: What do you notice about the characteristics about this xterm application currently running as opposed to the previous version you ran in lab #1?
The xterm is running using a windows manager.

Question #2: What do you notice different? Do you see any advantage
to having your Linux server change into this environment?
# init 3
It goes to the text mode – multi-user. The advantage to use text mode is to save hardware resources. In major servers is not necessary to use the graphical interface, then using the mode 3 you can provide a better service for your users.

Question #3: What display number is running graphically (ie. :0? :1? :2? , etc …)
The display that run is display :1, but I was thinking that display :0 was going to run instead of display :1. Because the variable DISPLAY has the value :0.0

Question #4: Describe the difference between running startx command without arguments as opposed to running startx with an argument (notably the xterm command). Briefly describe the major difference from these two methods in terms of appearance.
The “startx” command just initializes the X server. When arguments are added to startx, like “startx /usb/bin/xterm -bg gray -geometry 180×50”. The X server is initialized and then the X server execute the arguments xterm with window colour and shape (-bg <colour> -geometry <size>).

Question #5: Did the command work? (i.e. Switch to your graphical X windows session…)
The command worked, killing all the X processes and shutting down virtual
terminals 7 and 8.

Question #6: How many other graphical X Windows servers are
currently running other than the one you logged into?
I don’t have this file in my system Fedora 9. I edited all the files that have conf in their names, but I didn’t find any entry like Standard=0.

[milton@milton ~]$ rpm -ql gdm | grep -v .png | grep -v .jpg | grep -v .mo | grep -i conf

Question #7: Were you able to get the mouse keys feature to work on your machine? If not, any ideas why it didn’t work?
To enable the mouse keys you have to press <shift> + <num lock> and then use the arrow keys to navigate and the number 5 to click.

Question #8: Use that information containing under screen #0 to calculate the required video memory (in Mb) for the current (highest) screen resolution and highest colour depth.
Highest resolution: 1440×900
Highest colour depth: 32

Formula = [ (1440 X-Resolution * 900 Y-Resolution * 32 Bits-Per-Pixel) / 8 ] / 1,024
[41,472,000 / 8] / 1,024
= 5,062.5 MB

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