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Virtual Machine – How To – Fedora 9 in Fedora 9

November 5, 2008

1) yum -y update

2) yum -y install libvirt virt-manage

3) run the service libvirtd
# service libvirtd start

4) Open the virtual machine manager and connect to the localhost


5) Create a virtual machine


You will be asked for some informations:

  • System Name
  • Select fully virtualized
  • Select the path of your instalation
  • Select the mount of space you want to leave for the system


  • Select virtual network
  • Now select the amount of memory and number of cores that are going to be used in the new virtual machine


6) Now just verify the information provided before and create the virtual machine


    7) If everything has gone right you must have a screen like this:


    Have fun !!!