Cool “OLD” Way to Restart RSyslog – Fedora 11

#kill -HUP `cat /var/run/`

Its the same as

#service rsyslog restart

But in a different way

There are another signals, each one can be represented by a number, here is a small list of signals available:

  • HUP = 1
  • KILL = 9
  • TERM = 15

I realized that it did not change the PID of the process and I got an interesting comment about that saying that rsyslog v5 does not support HUP anymore.


One Response to “Cool “OLD” Way to Restart RSyslog – Fedora 11”

  1. Rainer Gerhards Says:


    please note that using HUP for restart is deprecated and has a number of drawbacks. Please see here:

    Rsyslog v5 does no longer support that mode.


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