Compiling the Linux Kernel – CentOS 5.3


#yum -y  install kernel-devel kernel-headers

#yum -y groupinstall “Development-Tools”

#cd /usr/src


#tar -jxvf linux-

#cd /usr/src/linux-

#make menuconfig

#make clean

*#make dep (is no more necessary)

#make bzImage

#make modules

#make modules_install

#make install

*make install will copy the files:, vmlinuz and the initial ram disk initrd- to /boot. It will also add the lines you will need on grub, now just restart your computer and choose the new kernel on the grub screen.

Have Fun !!!


6 Responses to “Compiling the Linux Kernel – CentOS 5.3”

  1. kezhong Says:

    hehe, we did the same work

  2. BuBEE Says:

    That’s a good step by step.

    Thank you.

  3. Lakshman Says:

    Thnx. My work done

  4. Esonz Says:

    what should i configure in the “make menuconfig” part??

    please reply ! thanks

  5. Vasu Says:

    I am getting errors when I trying to compile kernel 3.6.6 from 2.6.18 in centos 5.5. Thanks for your post.

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