Vista SP1 32 bits = Nightmare

Last week I got a new hard drive, bigger faster, until this point everything was ok. I backup all of my data on an external drive. Then I decided to install everything (Vista and Fedora) again in my dual boot system.

I installed both operational systems, restored  my backup, installed all the programs I like to use until Vista asked me to install the update “Vista Service Pack 1 – SP1”, bad decision 😦 Thinking in security I accepted the update, then I got the first error. Looks not usual, then Vista asked me “try again?”  Then mistakenly I clicked in this button 😦 bad for me. After this update my windows stop working and did not allowed me even to start my system.

Then I got the recovery disks that come with my laptop, bad disks these ones. They erased all of my partitions erasing the bugged Windows Vista, but as a bonus erasing my Linux system that until this moment has worked with perfection in my system.

Now time to install everything again and again and disabled the automatic updates from Vista, from now all Vista updates will be verified one by one before I install then again.


2 Responses to “Vista SP1 32 bits = Nightmare”

  1. kezhong Says:

    Hi milton,
    I find only two of us stiil write blog in our classmates. Keep up your good work!

  2. Tiago Moreira Says:

    That sucks to hear that Windows Vista screwed up your computer. If you’re a Seneca student though, you should download the latest Windows Vista image that already comes with SP1. On the ACS page [ ], go to Downloads, then scroll down to the bottom. The sixth item from the bottom is the new Vista image: “(Dual Layer) Windows Vista Business with Service Pack 1 (x86 and X64) , Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Update (DVD-5 ISO) (Multilanguage)”

    You’ll need a dual layer DVD to burn it though (it’s 5.96 GB), but if that installs fine then it wasn’t necessarily the fault of SP1. Remember that you could always just install it in a virtual machine (such as VirtualBox []). This would also allow you to share files between your Linux main OS and Vista a bit easier.

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