DHCP Server – Fedora 10

Configuration file: /etc/dhcpd.conf

# DHCP Server Configuration file.
#   see /usr/share/doc/dhcp*/dhcpd.conf.sample
#   see ‘man 5 dhcpd.conf’
ddns-update-style interim;
ignore client-updates;

subnet netmask {

# — default gateway
option routers  ;
option subnet-mask;

option domain-name        “milton.ca”;
option domain-name-servers;

#option ntp-servers;

range dynamic-bootp;
default-lease-time 7200;
max-lease-time 56800;

host freebsd2 {
hardware ethernet 08:00:27:9E:66:67;

Set up the dhcpd for auto start on boot time

#chkconfig dhcpd on

You could also set up in which interface will dhcp server run in the file:


2 Responses to “DHCP Server – Fedora 10”

  1. BossaNesta Says:

    what r u doing 3am in the morning? shouldn’t u be studying SCR? ;-p

  2. kyawlin Says:

    the little ;;;;
    i wanna to know how to configure core10 dhcp server ip leases passing through routers and prepare ip address to another subnets

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