Func Verification Method – Release 0.9

Release 0.9 is done, now with glob integration !!!!

The new code is available at:


def verify(self, pattern=”, flatten=True):
Returns information on the verified package(s).
import rpm
import yum
from re import split
ts = rpm.TransactionSet()
mi = (ts.dbMatch() if pattern == ” else self.glob(pattern))
results = []
for hdr in mi:
name = hdr[‘name’] if pattern == ” else split(“\s”,hdr)[0]
if flatten:
yb = yum.YumBase()
pkgs = yb.rpmdb.searchNevra(name)
for pkg in pkgs:
errors = pkg.verify()
for fn in errors.keys():
for prob in errors[fn]:
results.append(‘%s %s %s’ % (name, fn, prob.message))
results.append(“%s-%s-%s.%s” % (name, version, release, arch))
return results


Now is possible in my method to verify all the packages on the system or even only one !


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