VirtualBox – Cloning a Virtual Machine

The folder who store the DVI files is:


Just go there

$ cd ~/.VirtualBox/HardDisks

And type the following command to clone the virtual machine

$VBoxManage clonehd SOURCE.VDI DESTINATION.VDI -format VDI

Now enter at VirtualBox, -> new -> next -> type the name and kind of vm -> amount of memory ->

virtual harddisk – click on existing -> add -> and then select your new VDI file.

Have fun !


One Response to “VirtualBox – Cloning a Virtual Machine”

  1. Tony Palmer Says:

    Nice thanks. I’d make two suggestions to this.
    1. Its always nice to have a clean patched OS with nothing installed ready for cloning.

    2. clonehd takes a few minutes and seems to hog system resources while running, I would suggest using the ‘nice’ command to give priority to other user tasks while the clone is being generated. i.e. nice VBoxManage clonehd SOURCE.VDI DESTINATION.VDI -format VDI

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