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PDF Printer – Fedora 10 – Green Computing

January 15, 2009

Sometimes we have content that need to be printed, but instead of print in a paper sheet we could print in a .pdf file. To do this we need to install a pdf printer.

Installing a PDF Printer

1.0) Install the package cups-pdf

$sudo yum -y install cups-pdf

2.0) Restart cups

$sudo service cups restart

3.0) Open the following address in your browser:

3.1) Click in “add printer”


3.2) Fill the fields with the appropriate information


3.3) Device, select “cups-pdf


3.4) Make/Manufacturer, select “Generic”


3.5) Model/driver, select “CUPS-PDF Printer” and click on the button “Add Printer”


4.0) Using the new logical printer

To use the new pdf printer, just click in “print” in any program and then select the “PDFPrinter”.