Making a Fedora Custom CD

Make a custom spin of Fedora 9 was cool, I tryed on Fedora 10 and it didn’t work fine.

I installed virtual box on my laptop and installed fedora 9 32 bits on it.

Inside the virtual machine with fedora 9 I ran the commands:

1.0) Install pungi

#yum install pungi

1.1) I copyed the kickstart file provided

repo –name=release –mirrorlist=$basearch
repo –name=updates –mirrorlist=$basearch

%packages –nobase


1.2) Generating the iso file
#pungi -c f9-ks.cfg –nosource –force –ver=FC9

The generation of the iso file took almost one hour, now I just need to burn the iso file on a dvd and install it in a computer in the lab.

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