Torrent x Magnet

.Torrent files:
–    Other user will not able to see your share folder, since it only share the files that you’re downloading and the one that you marked to be shared.
–    It is very easy to find updated resources from .torrent files.
–    You will able to get fast connection, especially when the resource is updated lately and it’s a popular file.
–    You can change a lot of different options in the application during downloading a torrent package, including priority, download and upload bandwith.

Magnet files:
–    You may not able to find updated resources, since there are not many people using magnet links.
–    Your fireware or your internet supplier may have disable the port or limit the bandwidth for magnet port.


.Torrent files:
–    Even you can google a lot of torrent files from the internet, torrent clients do not have search functions.
–    Compare to magnet links, you have to find torrent files yourself, instead of just click on a web page or search in the client application.

Magnet files:
–    You may expose some sensitive files when you’re sharing a whole directory.
–    Files are not up-to-date
–    a lot of spam and virus in this peer-to-peer network.

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