Func RPM Verification Project – Release 0.2

I found the documentation of the RPM Python API in the address:

Varinder show me the command

#func <target_machine> call system list_module

I read the documentation in the func fedora hosted website and I found another useful command:

#func <target_machine> call system list_methods

The items only appear after restart the funcd daemon.

I modified the rpms module and added a new function call verify, the output of list methods is:

[root@milton func]# func call rpms list_methods
{‘’: [‘verify’,

Now the verify is working like the inventory function, but soon I will put the functions needed.

In the rpms module there are some methods inventory, glob, module_description, module_version and now verify.

  • inventory

Returns information on all installed packages.

  • glob

Return a list of installed packages that match a pattern, kind of packet search.

  • module_description

[root@milton func]# func call rpms module_description
{‘’: ‘RPM related commands.’}

  • module_version

[root@milton func]# func call rpms module_version
{‘’: ‘0.0.2’}

  • verify

Returns information of the verification of all installed packages.


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