Automatic Installations Using Kickstart – USB Flash Drive

A tool that can save you some time and help you to make a consistent environment is kickstart.

Kickstart allows you to automaticly set up the partitions, packages, languages and more configurations that are mandatory to fill in the installation process.

In other words you will install the all operational system without having to answer the questions or mark the options.

It’s very useful when setting up some similar machines, because instead of spent a lot of time marking the options, you can have this work just once, take the anakonda-ks.cfg and use it in all the other machines.

To begin your installation using kickstart, just boot you system, select the mode you are going to use (text mode, graphical mode). Press tab to give some options, plug your usb device and type the following line:

linux install ks=hd:sdb1:/anaconda-ks.cfg

Make sure to specify the write device, because depending on the system, the drives can vary.

One Response to “Automatic Installations Using Kickstart – USB Flash Drive”

  1. clone system to another machine Says:

    […] the same installation CD/DVD. Here is an example of loading the kickstart file from a USB drive:…b-flash-drive/ The kickstart file will not include packages installed post installation including data or […]

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